This project was undertaken to commemorate 200 years of the press inBrazil, starting in 1808 with the arrival of the Portuguese royal family




São Luís – MA, Belo Horizonte – MG, Belém – PA and Vitória – ES




The collection of the Brazilian press was our base of content: thismaterial had so many interesting images to create a good interest in theexhibition. But we did not have the originals, and so we needed to workwith the reproductions. Plus, we did not want to mount an exhibition with aconventional support.
Also the fact that this exhibition would be itinerant helped us to develop thisidea, because we needed to create a project with quick and simple assembly,that would not dependent on the infrastructure of each place.
We developed transparent inflatable cylinders and printed directly on it.Initially, the rotating cylinders remitted to the rotary printing machines, buteventually they lost this form, and this reference became more abstract.The pieces created blocks of independent content, which facilitated theunderstanding of the project and also its assembly in different spaces.