This exhibition marks 60 years of Brazilian Cinematheque




SESC Pompéia




We were invited by the Brazilian Cinematheque to develop a projectthat would show all their work, which involves memory, preservation andrestoration of films.
To show the restoration work, we needed to show the operation’s physicalprinciples of the cinema and its complex technological development. We triedto use the minimum of texts and to develop interactive equipment in order toshow these ideas.


We created a mantle in elastic tissue to cover the entire exhibition. We printedin this tissue chronological strips of the emblematic films of the history ofBrazilian cinema.
We developed a series of cones, which functioned as small movie theaters,and with blocks of content separated into the principles of movement, film,sound, color and digital. In one of the sides of these cones technical issueswere presented in infographics and, on the other sides, we showed the storiesand discoveries involving each of these themes. At the base of the cones,were shown the preservation processes developed in the cinemathèque.
Punctuating the space between the cones, there were electromechanicalparts that showed the different physical phenomena related to the movies.