Graphic exhibition project for the permanent museum dedicated to the work of Mazzaropi






480 m²


Mazzaropi was perhaps the most popular character in the history of Braziliancinema. His filmography, with 32 films, was responsible for the largest boxoffice records in Brazil. With his rustic figure, he filled national theatres forthree decades.The Museum building was built in the old Mazzaropi studios in Taubaté, witha modern architecture specially designed to receive the collection.
We worked in a storyline tied to the chronology of his films, which reflect achronicle of life in Brazil between the 1950s and 1980s, a period when thecountry ceases to be predominantly agrarian and becomes essentially urban.Mazzaropi’s work registered this transformation and narrates in a fun way partof our history.

We developed some equipment of interactivity that refer to the principles ofcinema, as zoótropos mechanical and infographics.
Focus on “electronic Moviola” film panel Candinho, an interaction thatshows a scene frame by frame and creates a sense of movement when it isaccelerated.