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In 1997 we were invited by the Museu da Pessoa to participate in the
Local Memory Project, conducted jointly with the Instituto Avisa Lá, which
aims to involve public school students in the rescue of the memory in their

As a result of the interviews with people who are part of the history of the city
where they live, children prepare a material for drawings and life histories of
the interviewees. This material we received, which is the raw material for our
work, is a mirror of the city, its architecture, its people and their stories.

We think the best way to show this material would be to build a monument to
the city: A tribute of the children to the city.

It was interesting to create this metaphor as our work became a catalyst
element for the project. With this image, children created a goal with which
they could envision an end to the whole process.


Ituiutaba, a planned city.
This first city presented a very interesting aspect, because, when we received the first series of  drawings, certain characteristics taken up by most of them impressed us. The designs were superb, with an urban landscape drawn entirely to the rule. They were beautiful illustrations with the dominant presence of the blocks.
When we went to visit the city, we understood why. It was a fully planned city with an orthogonal plan that had permeated children's vision.

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