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Carlos Gomes, 1891
VI Amazonas Opera Festival (FAO) Teatro Amazonas Manaus, Brazil
Luiz Fernando Malheiro
Stage Director
Bruno Berger
Set Designer
Renato Theobaldo
Costume Designer
Tania Marcondes
Lighting Designer
Caetano Vilela
Teatro Municipal de São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil


This was the second installation of this work since its premiere at the Teatro alla Scala, in Milan, in 1891. Other presentations were made only for concerts. The opera takes place in Samarkand, situated now a days in Uzbekistan, and the action takes place around the Queen living prisoner in her palace, dreaming of freedom to love the stranger Condor. There was no need to build a realistic scenario and the idea was to synthesize the notion of a prisoner in her own castle. We developed a special structure that created double walls of elastic tissue, with a mandala at the bottom that changed at every scene.

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